Sarah Faray
Personal stylist
For more than 5 years I have been helping to create images that will emphasize your beauty and give uniqueness to your style. My services are used by popular bloggers and TV stars. I have taken 12 courses on image creation and apply all my knowledge in practice.
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Annie Wayne
New York, 23 years old
I am very happy that I finally got my act together and went to a professional. Absolutely love the new images, and most importantly Sarah was a pleasure to communicate with!
Betty Freeman
New York, 32 years old
I am very pleased with the work of the personal stylist! She showed exceptional sensitivity to my desires and preferences, and as a result I feel like the most stylish version of myself.
Lisa Covers
New York, 20 years old
Collaborating with a personal stylist has exceeded my expectations! She has excellent taste and knowledge in fashion, as well as the ability to perfectly select clothes and accessories that will emphasize my personality.
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